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We can bring the core messages of The Credibility Code directly to you in live presentations, seminars, and workshops. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic one-hour keynote or a week of intense interactive coaching, we can provide a program of any length, for any size group. Additionally, we are happy to customize our content to support the key themes of your company retreat, sales meeting, professional conference, trade show, or on-site team training.

Keynote Presentations

These 30- to 90-minute presentations deliver the core ideas behind The Credibility Code in a dynamic, content-packed conversation. Because we know people learn best when they are personally engaged, you can expect the delivery to be warm, humorous, and rich with real-world examples. Excellent for large groups when time is limited.


Seminars are an expanded version of our keynote presentations, usually lasting 1.5 to 3 hours. The extra time allows the audience to test out the material with group exercises and interactive games. The exercises can be customized to be more or less challenging depending on the dynamics of the group and the purpose of the gathering.


Small-group workshops–usually offered in one-day or two-day formats–provide a dynamic, hands-on experience of the material. By limiting the group size to eight or less, participants have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback and coaching. Exercises are videotaped so that the participants get an outside view of their strengths and areas for improvement. Each participant walks away with a personal assessment, action plan, and clear-cut exercises to keep his or her progress moving forward.

Corporate Retreats

Whether you need an hour of fun or an entire week of intense training, we can customize the format to meet your objectives. We suggest you start with an interactive seminar for the entire group. Then, depending on your goals, offer small breakout workshops so that individuals can receive personalized on-camera feedback. If you want to dramatically improve the skill set of your team, this is the best way to get there in the shortest period of time.

Speaker Preparation

Preparing for a big event? We’ll help you and your team make the most of your moment in the spotlight. We can provide expert, on-the-spot coaching to fine-tune your content, sharpen your visual aids, and liven up your delivery. Preparation coaching can take place one month, one week, or even one day before the event, at your location or ours.

For details on how we can help you with your special projects and events, please contact us.
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“When it comes to credibility, Cara Hale Alter is the only expert I’ve ever seen who can define it, demonstrate it, and make it actionable.”
—Lynda Ziegler, Executive Vice President, Southern California Edison
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Watch an introductory video

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Live Courses

Our live workshops and seminars combine content-rich information with hands-on skill building. Whether for a small internal team or a large international conference, our expert trainers can travel to your location to provide interactive, personalized training options. LEARN MORE

Open Enrollment Workshops

For individuals interested in live small-group workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, the schedule of upcoming programs can be found here. LEARN MORE

Online Training

In 25+ video lessons, Cara Hale Alter expands upon the core concepts from her book The Credibility Code – complete with behavior demos, skill drills, practice ideas, worksheets, and self-assessment tools – to give you a comprehensive self-study guide to cultivating your personal presence. LEARN MORE
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The Credibility Code Online Training

In 20+ video lessons, Cara Hale Alter breaks down the core concepts from her book The Credibility Code – complete with behavior demos, skill drills, practice ideas, worksheets, and self-assessment tools – to give you a comprehensive self-study guide to cultivating your personal presence. LEARN MORE
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Books & Games

In her book The Credibility Code, Cara Hale Alter outlines the specific “codes of conduct” that influence the perception of credibility. Additionally, our boxed set of SpeechSkills SoundBites cards provides an effective practice session in a box by combining fun with skill building. LEARN MORE
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One-on-one Coaching

Whether you want to increase your overall skill level or prepare for an upcoming event, one of our highly qualified SpeechSkills trainers can provide personalized coaching in hourly sessions via video chat or onsite in our San Francisco office. LEARN MORE
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With a focus on leadership presence and projecting credibility, Cara Hale Alter’s keynote presentations provide the perfect blend of substantive material and tangible takeaways, delivered in a playful, energetic style. LEARN MORE
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Train the Trainer Program

Our Train The Trainer certification enables corporate trainers and independent coaches to facilitate the SpeechSkills 1.5-day “Projecting Credibility and Confidence” workshop and provide one-on-one coaching support using SpeechSkills’ materials and methodologies. LEARN MORE
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